Fiber Festivals

Hi everyone! I have been searching for a resource that lists all of the Fiber Festivals in the United States and just when I thought I had a lot of work to do to create a list myself…I found this website and it’s updated for 2017!

Here is where you can find a list of fiber festivals broken down by region and date. They also have links to the festival websites (awesome!!!):

Here is where you can search for fiber festivals near you (someone pinch me):

Thank you for all the hard work, Fiddlehead Fibers!

P.S. If a spinner is reading this post, would you PLEASE read this post and let me know if you can help me find out what kind of spinning wheel this is / approximate years built/used? Or pass it along to anyone who may be able to help. Thank you!

Took a picture of this guy or gal a couple years ago at a fiber festival 🙂


Travel! With Ally & Jules

I am going to share information about various travels to various places. From small towns to big cities. My friend, Jules, is going to post, too! Who knows where we will end up. Hopefully, we will inspire you to check out some hidden (and some not-so-hidden) gems in America the Beautiful.

Use the drop-down menu to choose by state (or now country as I’ve just added some international destinations) (just hover the arrow over “Travel! With Ally & Jules” on the menu). If you’d like to submit some positive information on a place, please comment!

*As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with any of the places I highlight on the travel section. Everything is just my personal opinion.