Bratislava – Marrol’s Boutique Hotel

If you are going to Bratislava, I highly recommend staying at Marrol’s Boutique Hotel. Fantastic place. It’s less than a five-minute walk to Old Town (which is probably where you will mostly be if you are going as a tourist).

The lobby was so welcoming. I loved the wood-burning fireplace. It made it feel so cozy upon arrival.

People checking in

People checking in

The service was wonderful. The staff was very helpful. The room was superb.

View from the window. If you walk down that street and turn left, you'll hit Old Town.

View from the window. If you walk down that street and turn left, you’ll hit Old Town.

They even had a terrace…we were there in November, but I bet it’s a really nice place to relax in warmer weather.

More photos:

If I’m lucky enough to go back to Bratislava…I hope I get to stay at Marrol’s again!


Bratislava -Modra Hviezda Restaurant

I highly recommend this restaurant on your visit to Bratislava. It’s located on a hilly, curvy, cobblestone street…so lovely, as you can imagine. Modra Hviezda is located below the Bratislava Castle Wall. The ambiance, service, and food was superb. The ONLY issue was that you had to go between buildings to use the restroom and it was cold when we visited…but I wouldn’t let that deter me from going back. Everything else was wonderful. Our waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu and was very good at suggesting wine pairings.



The restaurant is just as charming as what you see on their website. You can even make reservations right on the website.


The food was DELISH. We ended up getting both an appetizer and a dessert and were very full when we left.


More views of the street:

  Bon appetit!

Bratislava – Night Scenes from Old Town Christmas Markets

Bratislava is a lovely and charming city. If you are fortunate enough to visit, you’ll very likely stay within the Old Town. The Old Town is full of restaurants, pubs, cafes, and different types of stores. It’s compact and easy to get around. Much of it is pedestrian, too. If you are in Vienna, Austria, Bratislava is only about a 45 minute drive from you. There are a few bus companies that go back and forth between Vienna and Bratislava all day (and they’re nice buses, and some even have wi-fi). Bratislava is a great option for a day trip from Vienna if you have time to spare. On this trip, we chose to go to Bratislava and stay for a couple of days. It was wonderful.

We arrived by train from Budapest. This sign greeted us in the train station.

We arrived by train from Budapest. This sign greeted us in the train station.



Christmas Markets were in full swing...

Christmas Markets were in full swing… (By the way, I think that’s a French flag in the pic…might have been the Embassy…not sure)

Christmas Markets are so nice. People set up kiosks and sell all kinds of things…ornaments, hand-knit items, homemade soaps, drawings, handmade drinkware, food, drinks, mulled wine, linens…lots and lots to choose from.

People viewing the goodies...

People viewing the goodies…

I have more to blog about on Bratislava…these are pics from the first night we were there. I’ll blog about more in another post!