Hello! My blog is focused on knitting, various recipes, backyard wildlife, and travel.

Quick note on the travel section: I have a sub-menu for states, so if you want to see what I’ve highlighted in a particular state, just choose the one you want! I highlight various places from small towns to big cities. One of my travel buddies, Jules, will be posting from time to time, as well. We want to give shout outs to gems in all the nooks and crannies of America. We may highlight something near you! If you would like to add a guest post about a place you think is awesome, let us know!

I’ve also added an international travel sub-section (you can find it under “Travel”) that you can use by country and town/city. Stay tuned for more!

So, if you’re a knitter, a cook, a wanderer, or just want to look at some birds, hopefully you’ll find something interesting here!