Spinach Artichoke Beef Wellington

My husband requested that I make Spinach Artichoke Beef Wellington (<—— click there for the recipe all written out with the video) for his birthday. My first thought was something along the lines of “yikes!” But, I knew I had to do it. I must have looked at the recipe and watched the accompanying video 7 or 8 times before I made it. I think that helped! I started at about 1 pm so I would have plenty of time to get it together.

Here are the fillets I used:

Sprinkled with course salt and pepper

Sprinkled with course salt and pepper

I just followed the recipe. I started out by seasoning the fillets with salt and pepper and then seared them on all sides.

After that, I let them cool and then they went into the refrigerator to become cold.

Okay, then onto the filling. Part One: The filling consisted of frozen spinach, artichoke heart quarters (the recipe called for frozen, but I couldn’t find frozen artichokes at either store I went to, so I had to buy ones in a jar…and they worked), and chopped garlic…saute all of that and then let it cool to room temperature.

Part Two: Once all that cooled to room temperature, I added the garlic-and-herb-cheese-spread and grated Parmesan cheese. Then processed it into a paste.

Here is a pic of the cheese spread label in case you are wondering what exactly I used:

So, while the fillets and spread were in the refrigerator, I made the egg wash. I used one egg and two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream. If I ever do this again, I am going to try milk instead. I think it was a bit too thick for my liking.

The recipe called for brushing a puff pastry with the egg wash leaving a one-inch border on all sides.

After everything had cooled in the fridge, it was time to assemble everything. Slices of ham first went onto the puff pastry and then the spread.

It was actually kind of hard to spread the mixture onto the ham…but I got it over most of it.

Then wrap the fillets with puff pastry on all sides:

Brush all over with the egg wash:

The recipe called for using a fluted wheel cutter for strips of puff pastry to put over the wrapped fillets. Well, I don’t have one, so my husband came up with the idea of using a fork to make a design in the dough.

Put the strips of puff pastry over the wrapped fillets:

We paired it with a 2007 Peju Cabernet Franc.

I wanted mine cooked longer than his so mine turned a bit darker.

Here is the link to the recipe again…if you try to make it, I suggest studying it several days in advance. It’s DELICIOUS! Good luck!

EDIT: I made this again and wanted to add a note. I used a 6 oz fillet and an 8 oz fillet. I put the oven at 425 and cooked the 6 oz for 35 minutes for a medium-well to well finish and the 8 oz for 20 minutes for a medium-rare finish. Of course, ovens can vary, so use your best judgment. If you use the size I did and put these in for the the 40 to 45 minutes that the recipe calls for, you’ll likely get a well-done fillet. Just wanted to point that out.


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