Rocky Mount, North Carolina

I found a couple of gems in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

My husband and I ate lunch at Central Cafe. It’s a hamburger / hot dog place in downtown Rocky Mount. No frills – but good food!

The cheeseburger was really good.

After lunch, we headed to Yarn Parlor…a local yarn store. What a great shop! The owner was very nice and she had a really great variety of beautiful yarn for sale. She also had pattern books and accessories. So glad I went and checked it out!

Yes, I bought some yarn 🙂 I think they want to be a shawl.

After that we drove through a historic neighborhood full of beautiful houses.

I could live in any of the houses we saw. It was an absolutely beautiful neighborhood.


We drove through downtown Rocky Mount, but there wasn’t much, if anything, open. But, I snapped some pics of some of the buildings.

Merry Christmas, everyone!




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