Prague – U Šemíka

If you are lucky enough to visit Prague, I have a great restaurant recommendation! I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this restaurant twice, and both times it was absolutely wonderful. The food, ambiance, and service are exceptional. I very highly recommend it. Here is the website for U Šemíka.

I had the same dish both times I visited…hey, I like what I like, heh. My husband and I ordered the “Mixed Grill for Two” both times. DELISH. We had their garlic soup, too. Mmmm…mmmm…SO GOOD.


The first time we went to U Šemíka, we sat in the first room, the one with all of the books (please see their website for photos…I wasn’t able to snap any pics of it this last time. If I have some from the first time I was there, I will add them to the blog). It was absolutely lovely. The most recent time we went, we were sat at one of the tables in the back and it was just as nice and so cozy. I really enjoy this restaurant. I can’t say enough good things about it.



There was a sign for the restaurant on the route we took to get there. It was a very foggy evening. So beautiful…


On our way to the restaurant…


We strolled by this lovely scene on our way there…


I hope I get to go back again! Prague is so beautiful and U Šemíka certainly adds to the charm.


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