Wings are going so fast, they are a blur!

Back during the summer, I put up some hummingbird feeders in hopes of seeing some of the pretty little birds. Not only did I have some little visitors, I was actually patient enough to be able to snap some pics!



Those little wings are going!!!


I like the way these paticular feeders look, but next year I’m going to use ones that have perches on them so the hummingbirds don’t have to work so hard.

In addition to pre-made food you can buy, I also used home-made food – found the recipe in National Geographic’s Guide to the Backyard Birds of North America: One part white granulated sugar to four parts water. Boil the water, then add the sugar and stir. Don’t use food coloring or artificial sweetener.

Can’t wait to see the hummingbirds next year!


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